Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Post No 7: Some Photos from My Mother's Wedding Album

Saira Banu with my aunt and my grandmother

Sadhana eating icecream.

From right to left: Shobhana Samrath, Nalini Jaywant both of them are my grand mother's cousin sisters, my grand mother, Shobhana Samarth's mother, Tanuja's sister Chatura,Tanuja, my mother & father.

Asha Parekh with her mother (Right) and my grandmother at my mother's wedding


Unknown said...

hi..great photos..but i cldn't get your one photograph i see Chatura (tanuja's younger sister). Do you know where does she live, i mean is there any way you can send her a message (if you are in touch with her)- actually, my mom studied with her in Mumbai and they were best friends for many years but they lost contact..My mom's name is Shipra Chatterji (nickname TUMA), they lived in Chembur many many years back..really looking forward to ur reply..thanks!! Tanushree

Anonymous said...

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