Friday, October 19, 2007

Govinda ala re

It is the 4th of September and me and papaajoba are standing in his house and watching young men from the various 'mandals' trying to break the dahi handi that is tied outside the building. The din of various Govinda Ala re songs fill up the air. I remember that one of the most famous songs is picturised on Shammi Kapoor. Papaaajoba goes on to tell me that it was one of the first Janmashtami song and that it was shot in a lane in Girgaum in Bombay, the same lane the director of the film Manmohan Desai lived in. He also goes on to tell me how on that day of the shoot even though Shammi Kapoor didn't need any make up he had gone to the location just to part of the fun. Here's the song.


Upendra S said...
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Upendra S said...

Hai! Great site!

Could you ask Papa Ajoba who the actor that plays the geeky pehlewan in 'Bluff Master' is?