Thursday, July 31, 2008

Others on Papa Ajoba

I have not posted anything new here for awhile, mainly because I have left Bombay. But I will renew my work with papa ajoba soon since he is not getting any younger. But in the meanwhile other people have been writing on him and I think that will add perspective on my work and on him and his work.

A very kind lady called memsaab linked my blog to her blog which is also a great chronicling of Hindi Cinema from a real 'fan'.

Here is another link to an article by Taran Khan for DNA, Mumbai (she is also a very accomplished researcher) did on my grand father a couple of months ago.

One more from a Television website

Please feel free to let me know what other directions this project could go.Any specific questions about films, stars, studios any of you would like me to ask him?


memsaab said...

Tell him we want to know why such a handsome man stayed behind the cameras :-)

Thanks for the link to the DNA article! I love the blend of photos and interviews here, just keep going as you have been (I always want more Shammi too, but that's just me).

I have seen so many of the films he worked on; would love to hear stories specific to films that he remembers as being particularly fun, or difficult to be part of too.

Mostly, I just want to hear about anything he wants to talk about :-)

bollyviewer said...

I am so glad memsaab found your blog and let all of us Bollywood fans know about it!

I have been reading your older posts and the wealth of information about early Bollywood there is fascinating. As memsaab says, the blend of photos and interviews is perfect and do keep going on as you have been. I'd love to hear about his more difficult make-up assignments and the most funs ones, too.

Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...
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Shweta Mehrotra Gahlawat said...

I really like your writing- I've been going back and reading the older posts systematically, and the "Sadhna Cut" interview/discussion was especially fabulous.

gilga said...


I linked here through 'Memsaab', and was very happy to do so!

I'd love to know what the gossip he referred to in the DNA article was about! He was offered Rs. 25000 for something he saw! How wonderful to hear about it now, especially since the statutatory time of fifty years has passed!

And all the best for your work on collecting and collating!

Silent Melody said...

Hi, came to this site thru Memsaab's site..Amazing Site..